Dated in Blue

Ceramics with an underglaze painted inscription have always been highly prized by collectors. Examples with names are valued, those with added place names have further interest but the most prized pieces are dated. Knowing the precise year that an item was made changes that piece from being interesting to being significant and important. One hundred and ninety four examples are recorded in Dated in Blue, the majority of which are illustrated and published for the first time. Eighty- three examples have been attributed to various factories. Forty- five belong to unattributed groups, four of which are new to this study. The illustrations are the most important aspect of this work, many providing all-round views. They give a unique insight into ceramic shapes and decorative styles used at the time of their production and much of the information gathered can be used to help date other types of earthenware being produced concurrently.

A section on related wares gives much new information. The four main factories to be identified, Bovey Tracey, Swansea, Swinton and the as yet unidentified Portrait Group are studied in detail in the reference section.

This book is invaluable for anyone with an interest in British fine earthenware. Many of the entries will also be of interest to archaeologists to facilitate the dating of shards, to auctioneers to assist in accurate descriptions, and to students of social and family history.